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Full-Service Marketing Agency in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City be warned. We’ve been known to move mountains. Jakob Marketing Partners is a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Salt Lake City. We’re a forward-thinking creative ad agency situated in the heart of the Wasatch Front with our finger on the pulse of the industry as we develop breakthrough marketing methods to build brands and influence decision makers.

Traditional and digital marketing meet at JMP in symbiotic harmony with each part of the marketing strategy supporting the overall campaign goals. When you work with JMP, you have an entire in-house marketing department in your hands. Our award-winning creative department wields their tools like Kurt Cobain and his Jag-Stang while our rhythm section of a digital marketing team builds your digital profile to reach marketing nirvana.

With JMP, our marketing services work hand-in-hand with each other so no service needs to stand alone. Our search engine optimization research develops social media and pay-per-click strategies, but also affects our traditional advertising messaging and direct marketing campaigns. When creating a holistic advertising campaign, you need a creative ad agency that has all the bells and whistles but uses those bells and whistles to create a prodigious symphony of the marketing mix.

When crossing the street of competitive marketing, our integrated advertising services are the crossing guards looking both ways and delivering your results safely on the other side. We’re no chickens—we’re taking risks and it’s paying off.

We’re hell-bent on doing things differently. We’re a unique kind of advertising agency. We do things right the first time. As a full-service advertising agency, we offer every marketing service under the sun, but that doesn’t mean every service is right for every campaign. We carefully craft every campaign with custom marketing plans because we believe that marketing doesn’t fit in pre-packaged strategies. It’s an ever-evolving, elusive ocelot and we’ve tamed it with our I.D.E.A marketing process that uncovers the communication channels of your customers and creates profitable advertising campaigns with actionable analysis and targeted consumer knowledge.

Our services are an à la-carte marketing mix of the most delicious spread you’ve laid eyes on. If you’re hungry for something new, grab a plate and let’s get started.

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It’s our business to know what others don’t. The process of poring through data, scouring local and national publications, and delving deep into the consumer psyche is our cup of tea. A robust marketing strategy begins with thorough market research, analysis of the competitive marketplace, and a SWOT analysis that identifies brand leverage opportunities to propel your business forward. Without it, you’ll be throwing darts in the dark.

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We run a marketing campaign like a five-star general. We’re Peyton Manning on 3rd down. Our marketing plans aren’t just a roadmap; they’re a battle plan. We develop a full-service marketing plan where digital marketing supports traditional marketing in harmonious integration, and branding is built into every facet of the campaign.

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Walk the walk. When we say full-service marketing, we mean it. Our graphic designers, digital analysts, copywriters, public relations rockstars, and marketing strategists are all in-house. From creation to development and on through distribution, JMP has complete control of the marketing process to ensure timely delivery, complete fulfillment, and a quality finished product.

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We’re your marketing partner. We gauge our success on the success of our clients and we aren’t done until we’ve achieved your marketing goals. The best client is a returning client and that’s why we're constantly improving, always looking for additional advertising and branding opportunities.

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