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Salt Lake City be warned. We’ve been known to move mountains. Jakob Marketing Partners is a full-service marketing agency in Salt Lake City. We’re a forward-thinking, creative ad agency situated in the heart of the Wasatch Front, developing breakthrough-marketing methods to build brands and influence decision makers. JMP isn’t just another advertising agency—we’re your marketing department and your partner.

We’re the Bert to your Ernie. The Samwise to your Frodo. If you’re Laverne, you better believe we’re your Shirley. JMP isn’t a one-trick pony. Full-service marketing means our pony can make pancakes, then do a backflip.

Our services are an à la-carte marketing mix of the most delicious spread you’ve laid eyes on. If you’re hungry for something new, grab a plate and let’s get started.

Full Service Marketing

We put creativity into our coffee each morning. Creativity keeps us warm each night, but not too warm—because creativity is what makes us so cool. We’re a creative marketing agency, and creativity lives and breathes in our halls like a cat that got stuck in the walls. Creative is defined by ideas, but ideas are nothing without a fulfillment team to bring those ideas to fruition. Brainstorming generates ideas, but a full-service marketing department builds a strategy with those ideas, identifies areas of impact, and crafts those ideas from conception to actualization.

Digital Marketing

Having a beautiful website without a full digital marketing strategy behind it is a lot like having a great billboard in the middle of the desert. If nobody can see it, it’s a waste of money. Jakob Marketing Partners is your digital marketing oasis. As a full-service marketing agency, yes, we do digital—and we do it well. We’re the digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City that’s proving quality-over-quantity matters by offering transparent digital marketing services that are built to last.

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